Many industries like petrochemical plants, oil refineries, commercial buildings and thermal power stations use cooling towers in their facilities. In those cooling towers, cooling is achieved using evaporation which leads to leftover water to be concentrated. If the water is left untreated for a long time then the biological growth, chemical residue, sludge, and corrosion can disrupt the functioning of the cooling tower.

Without water treatment, the performance of the cooling tower can be affected significantly which would ultimately lead to the replacement of the equipment. Which is why cooling tower water treatment is essential to ensure smooth processing and a long lifespan of its equipment.

Water treatment solution plays an important part in the process optimization by effectively reducing the depletion of water, removing minerals like zinc, carbonate, and chromates from the water while controlling the growth of microorganisms. This does not only increase the efficiency of the cooling tower, but also saves water by making a significant proportion of industrial water reusable.

A proper cooling tower water treatment leads to reduced scaling and gets rid of biological fouling and corrosion and prolongs the lifespan of the plant without damaging the environment.

What is a cooling tower water treatment system?

A cooling tower water treatment system is an advanced system of technologies that are designed to remove impurities from cooling tower intake water, circulation water and blowdown. The general cooling tower water treatment includes clarification, filtration, softening, chemical feed, and automated monitoring.

The system works with the combination of adsorption, turbulence and galvanic action while subduing the scale built up in the cooling tower, pipeline, and heat exchange.

What does a cooling tower water treatment system control?

Cooling tower water treatment system is created using the required technologies to regulate the level of chlorides, iron, alkalinity, TDS, silica, and other elements. These elements increase the scale built up in both cooling towers and heat exchangers and combined with phosphate, iron can damage equipment to failure. Organic matter in the water promotes microorganisms, which leads to corrosion, fouling, and other system-related issues.

A cooling tower water treatment completely removes the liquid and solid waste from the tower and allows treated water to be reused. It also regulates the level of:

  • Alkalinity
  • Chlorides
  • Iron
  • Microorganisms
  • Silica
  • Sulfates
  • TDS & TSS

 How does the cooling tower water treatment system work:

The process of cooling tower water treatment systems works based on the specific needs of the cooling tower, the chemistry of the feed and water circulation. However, a general water treatment system includes the following steps.

Filtration and ultrafiltration:

It includes running the cooling tower water through a system of filtration which removes particles such as turbidity, sediment, and certain types of organic matter.

Ion exchange/water softening:

It removes the hardness in the source or makeup water, which can often lead to scale deposits and rust.

Side-stream filtration:

If the cooling tower water is to be recirculated in the system, then a side-stream filtration unit will be required in removing all sorts of problematic contaminants that have entered the system through a leak or drift contamination.

Blowdown treatment:

In this last step, cooling tower water treatment completely removes the liquid and solid waste from the tower and allows treated water to be reused.

SBR (Non-chemical Water Treatment) — A Better Solution

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It reduces the buildup in the pipes and will make the water softer, which will prolong the lifespan of your pipework and is a much better solution than hiring cooling tower treatment companies after every few months.

SBR does not come with any sort of harmful chemicals and does not require a whole lot of maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Just install it with the water supply and you are good to go!

SBR provides comprehensive cooling tower water treatment solutions to safeguard equipment, protect people and the environment, and ensure optimal ROI.