“Cet-enviro offers a wide-product range for water-saving sustainable solutions,” highlights company representative

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Cet-enviro is a four-year-old Indian company that provides energy and water-saving solutions. Amit Kumar Singh, International Business – Field of providing Energy & Water Saving Sustainable Solutions, Cet-enviro, said that the
company has a wide service team stationed across metro cities that make installation effortless and also a strong research and development team that helps manufacture technologies in-house.

Cet-enviro highlights that as per the NITI Aayog report, INDIA stands at 120th position out of 122 countries where almost 70% of water is being contaminated due to chemical utilization leading to excessive water wastage. Elaborating on the ACCS – Automation Condenser Cleaning System, Singh said: “The heat exchangers/condenser cleaning involves chemical circulation along with brushing, causing wear and tear of the tubes which requires shutdown.

ACCS is an online and completely automated system that keeps heat exchangers free from fouling. It does not only help save a lot of energy but also eliminates the downtime required for cleaning.” He said that pharmaceuticals companies, hotel chains, and hospitals require need air-conditioners 24×7 which is the biggest energy guzzler. Hence any inefficiency in these sectors leads to an increase in specific energy consumption considerably.

ACCS supports maintaining its design efficiencies making the environment friendly and beneficial for pharmaceutical companies, hotel chains, and hospitals. Also, elaborating on the non-chemical treatment for cooling towers, he said: “Chemical dosing is done to restrict scaling, corrosion and biofouling in Cooling Towers but has a lot of limitations along with EHS issues and excessive water blowdown.

Scale & Bio-Remover (SBR) is a solution to all water treatment problems of a Cooling Towers, as it has the features of eliminating chemical dosing, saves water, automation in water treatment, and filtration.” Adding, he said that the response received from the market towards SBR is overwhelming as they had not expected such a tremendous demand. “Industries that have cooling towers, and who are aware of SBR are asking for a site inspection.” Singh also drew attention to the looming target place on saving energy. He said: “Chillers specific energy consumption can be only monitored if COP or IKW/TR is measured. Almost all Chillers have energy meters if not separate metering is installed but it only measures electric consumption of Chillers.

Flowmeters are required for measuring the TRH generated by Chillers which is generally not available at most sites.” Adding, he said that EMOS is an online monitoring tool that shows IKW/TR of the individual chillers on a real-time basis. It is a plug and play solution providing several benefits such as trend analysis, dashboard, alarm, etc. An important part of having EMOS is its ability to gauge the inefficiencies and issues much before, which helps save energy increasing the life span of Chillers. Also, while giving us an overview of the market value for the products, Singh said: “The value of any product is defined by its overall impact and how sustainable it is.

The industry values our solutions and that is visible from the respect we enjoy from our customers. Quality and service are two strongest pillars on which we strive and that is why customers rate us much above any of competitor of ours.” He added and said: “A growing company often deals with cash flow issues, however, it’s more important on how we manage without many debts. We are proud to say that we have been sustaining without a single debt/loan since the inspection.”

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