The purpose of cooling towers is to remove heat from the building. However, the most common application of a cooling tower is inside an HVAC system for industrial and commercial buildings. In cooling towers, cooling is achieved through evaporation which leads to leftover water to be concentrated.

Normal water used in industrial cooling towers contains many suspended and dissolved particles like bacteria, debris, minerals, and other impurities. These impurities are known to develop scale in the cooling system that is why every cooling tower should have a water treatment plan.

The build-up of scale leads to subpar cooling efficiency of the system, increased power consumption, and lower lifespan of the motor plant. These drawbacks make the offline methods of cleaning expensive, cumbersome and inefficient and further provide environmental challenges.

Water treatment does not only increase the efficiency of the cooling tower, but it saves water by making a significant proportion of industrial water reusable. Without water treatment, the performance of the cooling tower can be affected significantly. The cooling tower water treatment will not only reduce the electricity cost significantly, but it will also increase the life of the system.

There are different types of water treatment methods in practice, such as R.O., softener, deionizer, etc.

However, the use of these costly products to treat water or disinfect cooling towers often requires continuous monitoring by staff members as well as them having to maintain these products regularly.

More and more, operators are looking for a more sustainable approach to treat cooling water. Here are some of the main reasons to consider sustainable water treatment for your cooling towers.

  1. Reducing the costly recurring need for harmful chemicals and biocides.
  2. Eliminate the dangerous handling of these biocides.
  3. Reducing water consumption and blowdown in the cooling tower.
  4. Improving thermal efficiency in the chillers.
  5. A complete water management solution to automatically handle water treatment for the cooling tower.

Many cooling tower users have opted for non-chemical water treatment for the best result. Non-chemical water treatment subdues the scale built up in the cooling tower, pipeline, and heat exchange without using any harmful chemicals. The device works with the combination of adsorption, turbulence and galvanic action.

Other water treatments require several activities and costly chemicals, which lower water quality and raise costs. A breakthrough in the cooling tower water management, SBR from CET ENVIRO is a complete package that offers a myriad of benefits and comes with expert on-site service guarantee 24×7. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to automatically treat cooling water without chemicals.

SBR is a fully automatic online technology that continuously cleans the cooling tower water and augments the cooling performance and treats cooling water without any chemicals. The innovative SBR deploys an electrolysis reaction that breaks down and controls the elements that pollute water quality.

As a fully automatic online technology, SBR continuously cleans the cooling tower water and augments the cooling performance and treats cooling water without any chemicals. It also enables the ongoing flow of clean quality water, using relatively little water resource and all in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Such technologies can help to achieve your sustainability goals in cooling towers.