Chillers are an integral part of the HVAC system used in many industries and institutions. They work as a specialized heat exchange chamber in which air and water are brought in contact to reduce water’s temperature. During the process, a small volume of water is evaporated, reducing the temperature of the water as it is being circulated.

The heat transfer in the condenser tubes often leads to increased energy consumption and reduced efficiency of the chiller system which can go unnoticed without the right equipment. Therefore, regular treatment of this cooling tower water is necessary to ensure an efficient process and long equipment life. However, this whole process can consume a lot of energy which is a matter of concern for the industries and environment as well.

Chillers are the single largest individual user of electricity in commercial and institutional HVAC facilities. To tackle this problem of energy consumption, EMOS is the perfect solution. Cet-Enviro’s range of HVAC solutions has introduced a reliable Energy Monitoring System that solves all this problem.

Energy Monitoring System (EMOS) is the next-generation power-saving system that automatically records the specific power consumption of chillers 24*7. It saves up to 15% energy used in a chiller system as it collects the information automatically and manages energy without any manual labour.

How does it work?

Energy Monitoring System (EMOS) is installed in each chiller with highly efficient flow –meters which specializes to measure instant flow. Further, Temperature Sensors (PT100) are installed in both inlet and outlet of Evaporators and Condensers. Instant data values are collected from the Flowmeters and temperature sensors which are sent to the Control Panel through communication cables.

Also, a kWh meter is installed to measure the instant electrical power consumption of each chiller and values are recorded in the control panel. The data is then collected from flow meters, temperature sensors and kWh meters in a specially designed control panel to calculate specific power consumption of chillers in ikW/TR. The values are automatically retrieved and can be seen in real-time. Further, daily/monthly trend analysis and report analysis on the cloud-based server.

Features and Advantages

EMOS is a revolutionary product which is specially designed to record relevant information at a server which can be used to manage energy and operating cost daily to analyze the performance of the chillers. The readings obtained from flow meters, temperature sensors and kWh meters can be seen in real-time while simultaneously being saved into a cloud-based server, making it easier to obtain through multiple user accounts via an internet facility integrated into the EMOS system.

The whole ecosystem is built to deliver automated email alerts in case of a malfunction. Its multiple user access makes it easy to operate for consumers. Further, the dashboards are made in such a way that it is easy to understand and operate for individuals with minimum skilled resources.

EMOS is deliberately designed in such a way that it is compatible with any building HVAC system. As per the industry claims, integration of an EMOS with the above-mentioned controls can produce energy savings, varying from 10% to 40% on a case-to-case basis, while increasing the life cycle of chiller systems.