The advanced automatic tube cleaning system, ACCS comes installed with the recently manufactured heat exchangers and is used to keep the tubes clean without taking up a lot of time which eventually results in an enhanced performance of the same. It consists of specialized cleaning balls which at times inject at set intervals right into the cooling water flow. The balls then rub the tubes clean and happen to get trapped at the outlet of the heat exchanger where they are up for the next cleaning cycle.

Typical installations that consist of central chilled water plants which are installed in hospitals or universities can be made more efficient with the use of ACCS as then the man power would also reduce and the work would be done at a faster pace than ever before. The ball traps that you would find in the ACCS can be availed in different sizes shapes and sizes that would ensure about the flow configurations that can easily be integrated with the existing pipe runs and the space for installation. With the help of ACCS you would permanently be able to solve the fouling and scaling problem and can avoid frequent cleaning of the chiller condenser tubes again that might disrupt the chiller operation and make it clean completely.

The automatic tube cleaning system is essential to ensure about saving the energy , feasible tube cleaning for larger industries, power plants and commercial purposes. Over time, the traditional cleaning methods have proven to be quite inefficient as they require the use of harmful chemicals along with process shutdown. What make ACCS  the best today, are reasons given below:

Improve Energy Efficiency by up to 25%

The ACCS prevents the heat exchanger tubes to accumulate mud, scale, or biological fouling. Earlier, these deposits used to get accumulated over time and would eventually degrade the performance of the heat exchanger. With the introduction of ACCS, many clients are able to gain around 10-15% of energy and can save up to as much as 25%.

Case study: How we were able to save energy worthed INR 3 Million for Dr. Reddy’s?

Rapid Monetary Returns

Not just the ACCS results in the improvement of energy efficiency, the entire tube cleaning system tends to eliminate the manual task of condenser cleaning. Also, with this, the life expectancy of the heat transfer equipment also increases rapidly which results in low cost of investment as well. The ACCS can be of great value if you put it to use regularly and would work well for the longest possible time.