For water cooling tower systems, efficient heat removal is required for smooth operations. Water is a universal solvent that works as an excellent medium for the heat transfer in cooling towers due to its capability of dissolving and retaining high concentrations of minerals and deposits.

However, the water must be treated regularly to remove dissolved contaminants or it will result in  cooling tower problems such as scaling, fouling and corrosion. The outcome is a loss of heat transfer, along with the inefficiency of the cooling tower. That’s why chemical water treatments are necessary to remove damaging mineral particles and prevent microbiological growths.

A good, comprehensive cooling tower water treatment system can help reduce maintenance costs, lower water consumption and lower energy costs. By utilizing high-quality makeup water, it can also help you reduce the frequency of blowdown or cooling tower bleed.

There are many water cooling tower types available in the market to meet these requirements but their efficiency is highly questionable. The most common practice is Chemical Treatment which provides a protective chemical layer to prevent biological fouling and deposits through the use of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocide programs. However, there are certain risks involved with treating your cooling tower water with harmful chemicals.

Chemicals are highly toxic, and their handling is highly dangerous. Chemical water cooling tower treatment products are also expensive and have to be purchased repeatedly because they do not offer a definite solution. Added to the risk of accidental toxic contamination, the risk increases during the water treatment.

The development of the purification techniques caused a notable increase of the number of chemicals used: chlorine, lime, iron chloride, soda, bleach, varied flocculating agents, sulphuric acid, methanol that also increases the risk of chemical reaction following an ocular or cutaneous exposure. That’s why a chemical free cooling tower water treatment is essential to reduce these risks.

Introducing SBR: Non-chemical water treatment for cooling towers

Understanding the need of the hour, CET-enviro presents a compelling opportunity to incorporate a sustainable green-technology that treats cooling tower water in an environmentally friendly manner. SBR is a fully automatic online technology that continuously cleans the water cooling tower without any chemicals.


SBR is an environmentally friendly, safe, alternative method for water treatment that provides operational savings and longer equipment life while also contributing to a more sustainable future. It immediately reduces the environmental footprint and increases your savings by eliminating toxic water treatment chemicals.

The major concerns for all corporations with the purpose of thermal transfer are cost-effectiveness in terms of energy and water Savings. SBR meets all these criteria for effective water treatment through control of scale/corrosion/biological growth for thermal transfer efficiency.

The SBR Advantages are:

  • Eliminates all chemical costs.
  • Significant savings of water and
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance and down-time         
  • Dramatically reduces the volume of blowdown loss.

With your system operating free of chemicals, your facility will use considerably less water and less electrical power. Since the SBR System will also clean out the existing scale from your system, the heat transfer process of your system will improve so there will be less loading of the chillers and there will be less wear and fewer breakdowns.

With the sole intent of giving building owners and facility managers an eco-friendly alternative for providing operational savings, SBR water cooling tower system should be your go-to solution for a more sustainable future.