Maintaining industrial cooling towers isn’t an easy task if you don’t know much about them.

With a little knowledge, you can make this task simple and efficient for yourself. By proper maintenance, you can enhance the performance and longevity of your chiller as well.

Just follow these tips to maintain your industrial chiller:

Regular Inspection

The fundamental method to maintain your industrial cooling tower is to inspect it regularly. From the gearbox to the water pump, you should do regular inspection to ensure there are no loose components.

Regular inspection will also allow you to spot corrosion, scaling and other similar adverse issues.

When you’ll find these issues before they escalate, you can get rid of them and keep your chiller in optimum condition.

Removing Deposits of Impurities

Impurities present in the water of the cooling tower gets collected in the system. They hinder the temperature of the chiller. Impure water requires more energy for changing its temperature.

So if you don’t use a cleaning system for your cooling tower, it’s necessary that you clean the tubes regularly and check the chiller for any sedimentation.

The collected impurities can damage the life of your chiller too. So you should remove those deposits regularly for keeping the tower free from any issues.

Improving Airflow

The fans of the chiller should be working properly. Due to some loose components or damaged fan blades, the airflow of the chiller could be disturbed.

Presence of debris in the tower can also result in the formation of sludge which hinders proper airflow.

Formation of algae in the windpipes can also damage the airflow, resulting in blockage and reduced efficiency.

Using SBR for Water Treatment

The water present in the cooling tower plays a crucial role in its operation. However, the presence of various impurities such as dust, minerals, etc. can cause several issues to develop in your chiller.

Scale and Bio-Removal system can help you in treating your water and remove those impurities without hampering the productivity of your chiller.

It keeps the water pure and free from any harmful microbes as well, ensuring that your chiller works with maximum efficiency.


By following the above 4 tips, you can keep your chiller in perfect condition, increase its life and ensure that it takes as low energy as possible.

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