Chillers are the single largest consumer of electricity in commercial and institutional HVAC facilities. To facilitate the smooth operations in leading pharmaceutical companies, hotel chains, topmost hospitals, commercial buildings and manufacturing units, we provide Automatic Condenser Cleaning System (ACCS) for chillers across India.

ACCS is an automatic tube cleaning system used in heat exchangers or chillers. It is specially designed to prevent common problems like rusting, fouling, bioaccumulation in tubes while keeping the chillers trouble-free for a long time.

Problems that arise with Cooling Systems

Water-based cooling systems suffer from fouling and scaling. This fouling reduces the heat transfer in the condenser tubes leading to increased energy consumption and reduced efficiency of your chiller system.

Corrosion is one of the major problems that arise in a condenser. It is equivalent to cancer for condenser tubes. Over a period of time, it can lead to puncture of tubes which cause damage to capital equipment as well.

Further, you may have to use harsh chemicals which further increase the maintenance cost and downtime. ACCS is the ultimate solution to prevent all these problems as it keeps condenser tubes free of fouling 24*7.

How does it work

Specialized ACCS balls are designed for cleaning tubes that are injected at set intervals into the cooling water flow. Also, the condition of the balls can be easily monitored through the window of the ball collector. Further, under the motive force of all water, ACCS balls travel along the mainline to reach the condenser tubes where the cleaning of internal tubes starts.

The tubes are kept clean by scrubbing and wiping action of the ACCS balls that prevent any kind of buildup of deposits on the tube surface. Then, all the tubes are routed to the ball trap and system water runs as usual. These system balls continue to move to the ball collector where they are rinsed well and prepared for the next ACCS cycle.

Benefits of Installing Automatic Condenser Cleaning System

Improved efficiency: ACCS prevents heat exchanger tubes from accumulating mud, scale, or biological fouling which accumulates over time and degrades the performance of the heat exchanger. This leads to lower energy consumption and cost reduction. The automatic tube cleaning system provides up to 30% energy saving to the organization.

Increase life cycle of chillers: The ACCS runs automatically and continuously cleans the tubes by specially designed ACCS balls which prevent corrosion regularly. Hence, the elimination of corrosion and fouling results in an extended condenser life cycle. So the chiller continuously operates at optimum efficiency without any wear and tear.

Eliminates downtime: The newly designed ACCS eliminates downtime and maintenance costs. Since the system works automatically, any dependability on chemicals or manual cleaning is reduced.

Zero ball loss:  Innovative ACCS ball trap design installed at the water piping exiting the condenser collects the balls for re-circulation in the system. So that there is absolutely no need for system shutdown for descaling and as a result, Chiller operates at 100% efficiency.

Lower water treatment costs: Water treatment is only required to prevent scaling of ancillary equipment, leading to cost savings of as much as 50% of the cost of chemicals used for water treatment.

Environment friendly: The automatic tube cleaning system uses no chemicals. Most of the maintenance techniques used for fouling mitigation uses chemical inhibitors which are very costly and harms the environment.

Everything from keeping a daily record of the chiller output and using most innovative maintenance solutions will yield optimum efficiency of the chillers and great energy savings in a short time. Now, when most of the organizations are switching to green technology, ACCS provides fully automatic and eco-friendly chillers for its conscious consumers.