Leaders of Automatic
Condenser Cleaning System

The permanent solution to fouling problems in
Chiller & Condensers leading to high

The Advanced Condenser
Onload Tube Cleaning

A permanent solution to fouling buildup in
condenser tubes. It keeps your condenser
running at top performance 24x7

Non-Chemical treatment
for Cooling Tower

Fully Automatic system

CET Enviro offers a range of innovative technologies that optimizes and maintains heat transfer performance in large scale cooling systems such as Water-Cooled Chillers, Commercial HVAC, Cooling Tower, Commercial buildings, industrees, Power Plants, Oil and Gas Industries.

All our products helps customer to reduce power bills, water consumption and eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. These technologies are environment friendly and reduce Energy Consumption.

CET Enviro has full-fledged Sales, Marketing and Service teams in India to provide timely and effective services to its customers and has its own manufacturing base.

Energy Saved so Far*

113525600 kWh

These green environment friendly solutions have helped leading pharma, hotel chains, pharmaceutical companies, leading hospitals, manufacturing units and power plants to reduce energy consumption in water-cooled chillers, Surface Condensers, Industrial Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and reduce water consumption in Cooling Towers


Power Generation

Our Product – Condenser Onload Tube Cleaning System (COLTCS) eliminates micro fouling and scaling in surface condenser and heat exchanger tubes.


Cleans your refinery’s heat exchangers naturally and sustainably without any chemical.


Clean your plants’ heat exchangers and cooling tower naturally and sustainably, without costly process shutdowns or chemicals.

Commercial Cooling

Use our solutions to improve the energy efficiency of water-cooled chillers and reduce water consumption in cooling towers


High Quality

Durable & long

life products

Customized Solutions

Cooling System


Effective Pan India

After-Sales Service

Very Short ROI

As little as

1 year*

Environment Friendly

Energy and Water saving solutions for Cooling system


Suman Majumder, VP-Engineering, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

“ACCS keeps Chiller Approach Temperature low & we are saving a lot of money!”

R. Ananthakrishnan, Associate Head - Engg & Projects

“We are satisfied with the performance of the ACCS as committed by the company. We have also been receiving consistent & excellent service support from M/s CET Enviro Pvt. Ltd.”