Get a detailed analysis from Mr Tsur Ben David, CEO, CET Enviro

Cooling towers are essential for the proper function of many large-scale plants, industrial buildings, and every commercial facility, such as malls, cinema halls or hotels. It’s because these buildings need a comprehensive cooling system to cool down their large spaces. These cooling systems have industrial-scale heat exchangers or chillers to exchange heat with the cooled air and maintain a suitable temperature throughout the premises. However, chillers can only be capable of removing and need help to transfer it outside. That’s where cooling towers come in!

Cooling towers are installed on-premises to dissipate heat and cool down water that goes through chillers and other heat exchanger equipment like condenser tubes. Ultimately, it is a heat rejection device that utilises the evaporative cooling process to transfer waste heat from the atmosphere. That’s why they’re called natural draft & evaporative cooling towers. But to do all that, they’ve to always store a large quantity of water, which means they’re extra vulnerable to water-borne problems like fouling, corrosion, and bioaccumulation. That’s why cooling tower cleaning and maintenance should be an integral part of the general maintenance schedule of every organization that utilizes cooling towers.

While regular maintenance is the right way to manage these problems, it also means you must thoroughly clean your cooling from time to time, leading to increased downtime and maintenance costs. However, you can manage these problems much more effectively with a water treatment as it can treat the water and filter out harmful materials like mineral deposits. Hence, a water treatment system should be a vital part of your maintenance plan as it not only increases the efficiency of the cooling tower but also increases the life of the system.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the main reasons to consider suitable water treatment for your cooling towers:

  • Maintains the water quality at optimum levels
  • Reduces water consumption and blowdown
  • Improves thermal efficiency in the chillers due to less scaling
  • Lowers system downtime significantly
  • Take care of every water-based problem for your cooling tower.

However, there are different types of water treatment methods in practice, such as R.O., softener, deionizer, and the use of industrial chemicals. These solutions are very costly and often require continuous monitoring by staff members. It means you have to implement and maintain these products regularly, which is not a feasible maintenance plan. That’s why many cooling tower operators have opted for non-chemical water treatment as it subdues the scale built up in the cooling tower, pipeline, and heat exchange without using any harmful chemicals.

SBR, our innovative cooling tower water management is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to automatically treat cooling water without chemicals. When it comes to cooling tower maintenance, it’s a complete package that offers a myriad of benefits and comes with an expert on-site service guarantee. It continuously cleans the cooling tower water and augments the cooling performance and treats cooling water without any chemicals.

The innovative SBR implements a super oxidation process that deploys an electrolysis reaction to break down and control the elements that pollute water quality. As a fully automatic online technology, SBR continuously cleans the cooling tower water and also enables the ongoing flow of clean quality water. It means you don’t worry about cleaning your cooling towers, using relatively little water resources and doing it all in an environmentally friendly manner. That’s why SBR is one such technology that can help you achieve your sustainability goals in cooling tower maintenance.