Are you looking for non-chemical water treatment for cooling towers? Is it becoming hard for you to run your water cooler tower smoothly? Absolutely, Yes! Therefore, you have come to the right place! Here we have given you the best solution for water treatment without chemicals. Tsur Ben David has given the solution to avoid a water cooling tower from scaling, fouling, bacterial growth and corrosion. You will get everything about the process of cleaning water for industrial use and maintaining your water cooler condenser working properly.

Sustainability is one of the most important and essential parts of our life. So, SBR (Scaling Bio Remover) technology is an avatar for all the industries that are using a water cooling system. Scaling, fouling, corrosion and bacterial growth in water is a common problem. This stops your system from working smoothly. Scaling bio-recovery will help you to meet sustainable goals. 

What is Water Treatment? 

Water treatment is to eliminate undesirable components and to reduce their concentration to make the water useful for the end-use. The treated water can be used for industrial purposes and other things as well. Such as using that processed water in a water cooler condenser to make air cool within a building. However, this process took a little longer to clean water and there are other ways too. That will help you to clean the water within your water cooling condenser using four chemicals. These chemicals are corrosion inhibitor solution, antiscalant, dispersant and biocide. 

SBR Technology For Water Treatment

Scale and Bio Remover or SBR is a non-chemical water treatment for cooling towers. That you are looking to use for your own water cooler tower. Using this technology of scale and bio remover will meet all your requirements. However, wastage of water in the industries is one of the dangerous things for all types of lives. The earth is 71% of water but only 1% of it is usable for drinking, washing, and using for food wash. Being sustainable is another important task for all of us. If we choose to be in a traditional way this will lead us to end lives. Therefore being green eco-friendly is something that will help us meet the target of sustainability. There is no chance of surviving without water and industries have to think of it, in order to be sustainable.

You have been looking for the innovative SBR that deploys an electrolysis reaction with a cathode and anode in the reaction tank. This generated at the cathode creates a high PH environment in its walls; the result of this reaction is the precipitation of calcium. Magnesium ions in the water reduce scaling and corrosion on the anode site chlorine and other strong oxidizers are generated. Inhibiting bacterial and any biological growth in the cooling tower thus countering biofouling. 

SBR treated water is free of hazardous chemicals and can be used for alternate purposes like irrigation. SBR comes with site stream filtration to reduce any suspended solids in the cooling system. Another integral part of

The system is automatic blowdown control equipped with an accurate conductivity sensor. SBR can increase the speed cycles of concentration accordingly reducing your blowdown.  By as much as 66% a breakthrough in the cooling tower water management. 

Scale and bio remover (SBR) from CET Enviro is a complete package that offers a myriad of benefits and comes with an expert on-site service guarantee 24×7. 

What Are the Advantages of SBR

  • Save more than 50% of blowdown water 
  • Zero chemicals
  • Environment-friendly 
  • Reduce STP
  • Treatment cost 
  • Reduce operational cost 
  • Improve workplace safety 
  • Eliminate risk due to chemicals 
  • Reduce Maintenance downtime
  • Enhanced cooling system performance

Do not use chemicals for your cooling tower system. All the hazardous chemicals will decrease the life of your water cooling tower system and you can avoid these problems by using non-chemical water treatment for cooling towers technology. Scaling bio remover is an eco-friendly system and worth ROI.

Common Cooling Tower Problems

However, every cooling tower has common cooling problems which are occurring. The CEO of Cet Enviro: Tsure Ben David has given the solution to all these problems. You can eliminate this problem of a water cooling tower easily and simply. We are working to make things easy, simple and to find new solutions to all these problems. That is making things hard for your industry to maintain a cooling condenser working smoothly for a long time. Here are three common cooling tower problems that you must be working on and keep your cooling system maintained well.

  • The high amount of blowdown.
  • A low cycle of concentration.
  • Noise emissions from cooling towers.

These three problems are common that you will find in every cooling tower. Therefore, you must be maintaining your cooling tower continuously so that you can avoid this problem.  

Final thought

This has become an integral part of everyone to work according to the environment. However, water is one of the most important parts of our life and therefore, we have to be sustainable enough. Being part of sustainability is our responsibility and goal. So, natural resources are limited to survive on the earth. To avoid such damage to the natural resources is like blasphemy. Therefore, SBR (Scaling Bio Remover) is one of the solutions that meet the requirements of sustainability and make your system environmentally friendly. Be a part of sustainability and be green to save the environment.