It is well known that the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system accounts for the maximum energy consumption in most of the commercial buildings. Hence, there is a great potential to maximize savings by incorporating energy efficiency and water saving measures in the HVAC systems.

In malls, HVAC systems become even more important as the cooling (temperature and relative humidity setpoints) and ventilation (fresh air change rates) requirements are more stringent as compared to other commercial buildings. So it’s not surprising that they are looking to make their industrial cooling systems more advanced, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

HVAC energy efficiency starts with the goal of getting the most out of what you have without spending too much. Since HVAC systems represent a significant portion of typical energy costs (experts say as much as 50 to 60%), these measures can make a big difference, not only for the sake of the environment but to be able to cut down on costs. Additionally, more efficiency means more money that your company will be saving.

Get the right system & maintenance in Place

Industrial cooling systems require a good filtration and cleaning system to be energy efficient. Different factors will make an HVAC system more energy-efficient. From the type of system, you have to how it is maintained can all affect energy efficiency. Because of this, even small changes to an existing system can help make it more energy-efficient.

So if you plan on saving in the same system for a long time, you may want to consider installing a whole new energy efficient system with some energy-efficient equipment. These systems allow regular cleaning and maintenance to be automated while taking some of the workloads off of the HVAC system itself.

CET-Enviro offers several integrated solutions that provide the maximum energy-efficiency requirements for whatever building you’re trying to cool. Not only should you be complying with the regulations, but it can help you run a more efficient cooling tower if that’s ever a concern to you.

1. Set a benchmark with EMOS

Energy Monitoring System (EMOS) is the most effective and reliable system that automatically collects & analyzes data collected from the several sensors such as Flow-meters, Temperature sensors, kWh meter, and then records it to the cloud storage.

It continuously collects, analyzes and reports on chiller operating data through the internet facility integrated into an open system, which is essential to getting more visible data of the current electricity consumption and setting the benchmarks for expected system efficiency.

The information collected at the server can be used to manage energy and operating costs on a routine basis and this significantly helps in improving the performance potential of the chiller that saves at least 20% to 40% in energy consumption.

2. Start descaling of chillers with ACCS

CET-Enviro offers the most modern technology available today for round-the-clock cleaning of Chiller tubes. ACCS (Automatic Tube Cleaning System) is an automatic method of cleaning heat exchanger tubes while the equipment remains operational. There is absolutely no need for system shutdown for descaling and as a result, Chiller operates at top performance and efficiency.

This is an online method that infuses some slightly oversized elastomer balls periodically to the Condenser tubes and keeps the tubes free of fouling 24×7. A strainer or ball collector is installed at the water piping exiting the condenser that collects the balls for re-circulation in the system.

Automatic Condenser Cleaning System provides a huge difference in approach temperature before and after descaling, which shows the need and potential of the ACCS system in maintaining Chiller Efficiency. By keeping tubes free of corrosion & scaling, it improves heat transfer efficiency and reduces energy consumption, saving up to 30% in energy consumption.

3. Invest in non-chemical water treatment for cooling towers with SBR

Cooling system water quality directly affects the reliability and efficiency of industrial or institutional cooling systems. CET-Enviro provides a sustainable and eco-friendly system that augments the cooling tower performance and continuously cleans cooling water without any chemicals. It gets rid of cooling Tower water treatment problems like biofouling, scaling, and corrosion and increases the efficiency of the cooling system.

SBR is a green technology that saves water without any unexpected chemical feeds or discharge from the cooling towers. It also decreases water usage by recycling and reusing it for irrigation while preventing scaling or corrosion build-up in the system, thus cutting down the energy cost by 10% – 15% and water wastage by 20% – 40%.

These days there is an emphasis on energy efficiency in every aspect of life. Having the most energy-efficient HVAC system is one of the best things you can do for your business. With our proven combo of green solutions for HVAC systems, you do not have to invest in a whole new system to increase energy efficiency. Just add these 3 solutions for some money-saving adjustments that can make a huge difference in your utility bills and overall HVAC energy consumption.