An HVAC system is a basic essential in every sector, be it manufacturing or hospitality. However, cooling towers and chillers are vital to the performance of these commercial or industrial air conditioning systems!

An HVAC system consists of various equipment such as chillers and cooling towers. A water-cooled chiller is set within the interior of a building, containing the evaporator and also the condenser. The cooling tower acts as an oversized heat-exchanging device that sits on the roof of the building.

In chillers, water is pumped towards the cooling tower through pipes which are sprayed onto the fill media. The cold water is pumped back to the condenser where it absorbs heat and the process is repeated. And when these 2 things work along, it becomes attainable to condition air in massive open areas, like industrial buildings and factories.

Challenges with Chillers & Cooling Towers

The cooling towers need regular maintenance and if left untreated it causes organic growth, fouling, scaling, and corrosion which reduces productivity causes plant downtime and requires costly equipment replacements.

Scale Deposits:

Cooling tower works by evaporation which results in periodic buildups of scale deposits on the fill. Minerals in the water can create these deposits, especially if there’s not a water treatment solution in place. These scale buildup decreases the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system and can lead to premature deterioration of your unit.

Tubes Corrosion:

Contaminants like slime, algae, and scale can build up within the condenser tubes and cause a partial or total clog which can lead to unit inefficiencies and breakdowns. Every HVAC unit experiences buildup of some kind, however clearing the chiller tubes regularly will prevent total blockages and make debris removal easier.

Water Problems:

Maintenance is about more than just keeping HVAC system components like chillers and cooling towers in adequate shape. Water quality also plays an important role in determining the efficiency of the system. Untreated water can lead to major scum and scale buildup, contributing to the breakdown of your system.

Chiller & Cooling Tower Maintenance:

Chillers and cooling towers are crucial for a safe, reliable and efficient HVAC system. Failure to inspect, maintain and repair and/or replace every part of the system can have serious consequences for your business.

Properly maintained cooling towers and chillers keep condenser temperatures lower than un-maintained systems. This results in better energy efficiency, lower utility bill costs, and a more comfortable facility. That’s why a comprehensive maintenance plan is not only a smart business investment for your facility and employees, but it’s a requirement.

Introducing SBR & ACCS to Increase your System Efficiency:

SBR (Scale and Bio-Removal system) is a Non-Chemical treatment of cooling tower water. Specially designed by CET ENVIRO, it reduces corrosion, prevents blowdown and discharges, thus reducing your environmental footprint and increasing the efficiency of the system.

ACCS or Automatic Condenser Cleaning System is an automatic cleaning system for chillers that deals with basic problems that occur in tubes such as rusting, fouling, bioaccumulation in shells and tubes. To overcome these problems, CET-Enviro has equipped ACCS with specially designed ball traps that clean the tubes more efficiently.

Combo features of ACCS & SBR:


Green Technology:

SBR is a sustainable and eco friendly technology that treats cooling water without any chemicals. ACCS, on the other hand, is a fully automatic tube cleaning system that yields optimum efficiency of the chillers and great energy savings while reducing the carbon footprint.

Low maintenance and higher savings:

SBR and ACCS both are built to reduce the high operational and maintenance cost of cooling towers and chillers. SBR decreases dependability on chemicals to 100%, decreases water usage to 20-40%, lowers energy costs by 15%, lowers the labour costs up to 50%. Similarly, ACCS prevents heat exchanger tubes from accumulating mud, scale, or biological fouling which optimizes heat transfer and saves energy up to 30%.

No fouling and corrosion problems:

Corrosion, bioaccumulation and fouling are some of the major problems that arise in chillers and cooling towers. Over a period of time, it can lead to reduced efficiency, manual shutdown which can be avoided with the installation of ACCS & SBR. These solutions can operate 24*7 without any oversight which further decreases the maintenance cost of the system.

Better performance from the system

For the proper functioning of a cooling tower, the entire component must work in unity with 100% efficiency. For this to happen we must use an automated solution which reduces manual maintenance from time to time.

Since cooling towers are one of the major components of HVAC systems, it is almost essential that it should be cleaned properly from time to time. SBR prevents problems like Biofouling, scaling, and corrosion that reduces the efficiency of your cooling system.

Further, ACCS runs automatically and continuously cleans the tubes by specially designed ACCS balls which prevent corrosion regularly. Hence, the elimination of corrosion and fouling results in an extended life cycle of the equipment.

Hassle-free maintenance of cooling towers and chillers with ACCS and SBR combo

Today every industrial sector requires a product that is cost-effective, efficient, environment friendly, and automatic solution to reduce maintenance cost for better performance. Using SBR with ACCS gives you just that. It is a revolutionary product that provides excellent performance, zero maintenance cost, and fully automatic operations.