Ever wondered what those big noisy boys (usually found in the basement area) meant for? These are the units that could run up your overall electricity bill up to 70 percent when you are running a hotel. These are the chiller units and these are used for generating cold water (4 to 7 Degree Celsius) that gets circulated to the guests & function rooms in the hotel building. These chiller units are used for cooling down the spaces as per the required comforting temperature in any hotel building.

The cooling system of your hotel building is made out of the same component like any refrigerant. The refrigerant gets evaporated in the evaporator and heat gets absorbed. This evaporated heat then condenses in the condenser unit & helps in releasing heat from the hotel building & different units. The condenser unit needs to be cooled, probably brought about by water that keeps circulating over the cooling tower.

Over the passage of time, mineral deposits & pollutants from the surroundings tend to accumulate over the cooling tower. Gradually, these deposits tend to hamper the overall energy efficiency & performance of the condenser unit as more running hours are required to ensure compensation from the compressor. A wastage or an increase of around 20 to 40 percent of electricity per cooling unit (measured in refrigeration ton) turns out to be an easy reach.

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Eventually, the progression of fouling & scaling tends to unacceptably lower the overall performance. As a result, the guests at your hotel start complaining because of the overall failing of the cooling system. Vast amounts energy gets wasted between such cleaning interruptions due to the activity of the compressor. As such, an advanced Automatic Tube Cleaning System – ACCS or an on-line tube cleaning system can help in easily lowering this energy wastage as it will aid in keeping the condenser tubes clean throughout during operation without any human intervention. Moreover, a high-tech ACCS unit also helps in keeping the overall energy consumption per cooling unit at its lowest possible rate –throughout the year.

With an average energy saving of around 20 percent on the overall electricity consumption by the compressor in your hotel unit, you can bring about effective cost minimization for ensuring top-notch operation. The total savings of the energy over the functional lifespan of the chiller unit in your hotel (around 10 years) will be equal to the investment needed for the next brand-new chiller unit.