Who we are?

CET Enviro offers a range of innovative technologies that optimise and maintains heat transfer performance in large-scale cooling systems such as Water-Cooled Chillers, Commercial HVAC, and Cooling Towers for Commercial buildings, Industries, Power Plants, Hospitals, Airports, Hotels and Oil & Gas Industries.

Our technologies are Automatic condenser cleaning systems for enhancing Chiller performance and efficiency, Scale & Bio Remover: Non - Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers, Energy Monitoring Systems, and Water Testing Equipment.

CET Enviro sees the high importance of being very close to its customers helping them achieve their Energy and Water - saving targets.

Our mission

Save Water. Save Energy. Save Environment. We are committed to our customers that as a leader in Cooling Solutions, Our customers can always expect consistency in quality and services from any product manufactured and distributed by us.

Creating a Vision for your future

We at CET Enviro are committed to becoming a global leader in energy efficiency and water conservation, and to making a significant and measurable impact on global climate change.

Technology from CET Enviro reduces carbon footprints while being easy to implement and offering a high return on investment (ROI).

The company will accomplish these objectives by implementing innovative technologies with clear benefits to its customers in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and power plants.

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