About Us



CET Enviro brings to the market the latest and well-proven green innovative technologies in the field of Industrial and Commercial cooling facilities. These solutions are optimizing water cooled chillers, surface condensers and Industrial Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Energy Monitoring Systems, Water Testing Equipment & SBR.

The company see high importance of being very close to its customers helping them achieving their energy-saving targets.

We are committed to service excellence and work to deliver a professional, proactive service with every customer contact. Our technical team is present in all metro cities in India and work 24×7.

CET Enviro has its own modernized manufacturing facilities.

Save Water. Save Energy. Save Environment.

We are committed to our customers that as a leader in Cooling Solutions, Our customers can always expect consistency in quality and services from any product manufactured and distributed by us.

Tsur Ben David

Founder and acting CEO

CET Enviro was founded by Tsur Ben David, a former Air Force pilot and serial entrepreneur in the field of cleantech.

With over 27 years of management experience in the energy and water industries, and leading development and global projects in cleantech, technology and product companies, Ben-David is instrumental in bringing goal-oriented and pragmatic approach, and an uncompromising urge to deliver quality results

Tsur Ben David, who has an extensive experience in local and international business development, specializes in identifying and developing commercial relationships in potential international markets, and recruiting strategic partners. After many years in the field, he is known in the field as a creative and committed professional with diverse experience in managing international businesses, channel development, technologies and markets.

The company and its employees all support the CEO’s vision of combining business values with values to contribute to the preservation of the planet by keeping global water sources free of pollutants and preventing the waste of energy that releases pollutants into the atmosphere.