EMOS - Energy Monitoring System

Energy Saving Potential In Chillers

NON-Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Tower

Chillers are the biggest contributor to energy costs in HVAC.

Your plug and play solution makes chiller performance more visible

Energy Monitoring System (EMOS) is the most effective and reliable system that automatically records specific power consumption of chillers in most accurate way 24×7.

Save atleast 20% to 40% in chiller energy use. EMOS will continuously collect, analyze and report on chiller operating data through the internet facility integrated in EMOS system and connected to cloud-based server.

The critical information collected at server can be used to manage energy and operating costs on routine basis and this significantly helps in improving the performance potential of chiller.


EMOS has highly efficient magnetic flow-meters installed in each chiller to measure instant flow. Temperature Sensors (PT100) are installed in inlet and outlet of the Evaporators and Condensers. Instant data values from the Flowmeters and temperature sensors are sent to the Control Panel through communication cables. Individual kWh meter is installed to measure the instant electrical power consumption of each chiller and values are recorded in control panel.

The data collected from Flow-meters, Temperature sensors, kWh meter is collated in specialized Control Panel to calculate specific power consumption of chillers in ikW/TR. These values are automatically retrieved ad updated for real time, average day/monthly trend analysis and report generation on i-cloud server.

1. Control Panel 2. kWh Meter 3 TO 6. PT100 7. Flow Meter 8. Chilled Water Outlet 9. Chilled Water Inlet

EMOSTM Features

Cloud-based, Real-time Measurement

Multiple User Access

Automatic Email Alerts

Easy Dashboards To Make Equipment Performance More Visible

Detailed Data Generation And Analysis Reports

Compatible With Any Building HVAC System And Lower Lifecycle Costs


  • TRH of individual chiller vis-a-vis design/benchmark
  • kWh of individual chiller vis-a-vis design/benchmark
  • Delta Temperatures for Chilled water & Condenser water
  • Efficiency of Chilled water pumps
  • Cooling Tower effectiveness

  • TRH & KWH Consumption and average cumulative data for daily, monthly and yearly, along with generation & consumption benchmarking