Biofouling, scaling, and corrosion

These problems lead to water wastage and deteriorate the internal pipes and system of the complete cooling system. This naturally makes maintenance a costly hassle and reduces the overall efficiency of the cooling system.

 Water Wastage

Considering the massive amount of water that is flushed frequently, Cooling towers are one of the causes behind water wastage in commercial and industrial setups. They also have detrimental consequences if not maintained properly or left untreated.

Water is scarce. Thus, there is an imminent need to use water efficiently and treat it within the parameters of environment i.e without using any Chemicals, to make it sustainable

 Rise in Operational costs

Fouling slows down cooling processes and results in increased operating costs due to:

  • Reduced cooling Flow & Increased Pressure on cooling systems leading to Loss of Energy
  • Equipment Damage
  • Cleaning and Disposal of Toxic Waste
  • Increased Safety Hazards
  • Ongoing Use of Costly Chemical Additives

The table below shows the potential impact of calcium scale deposit on a 500-tonne chiller running at full load, 24 hours per day. Actual increased energy use depends on compressor type, actual operating condenser head pressure, and percent operating load.

FOULING Thickness (in inches) Fouling factor Efficiency loss (in %)
0 0 0
0.01 0.0008 9
0.02 0.0017 18
0.03 0.0025 27
0.04 0.0033 36
0.05 0.0042 45