About the client

Hyatt Regency Delhi is one of the best luxury business hotels in New Delhi, and when it comes to adopting energy saving technologies, this prestigious hotel is an example. As a LEED Platinum five Star Hotel, Hyatt Regency Delhi is known for excellence in sustainable Design, Water Efficiency and Energy & Atmosphere.

One of these technologies is Automatic Condenser Cleaning System (ACCS) from CET Enviro that the hotel is using and enjoying a lot of benefits.

In a recent conversation, Suman Majumder (VP-Engineering, Hyatt Regency, Delhi) shared some rare insights.

Let’s hear what Mr. Suman Majumder has to say about us!

Mr Majumder, thank you for speaking with us. Could you tell us why your hotel needed the ACCS technology?

It is known fact that Air-Conditioning is accountable for almost 40-50% of the total energy consumption in a five-star hotel.

As part of our water saving initiatives, we are already using STP water for our chillers. Due to the water concentrate, we were experiencing soft slime in the condenser tubes, leading to high approach temperature and unnecessary high energy consumption.

So, would it be safe to assume that ACCS has been the ideal option to you?

As we intended to keep the approach temperature low, we were regularly cleaning our chillers by opening condenser inlet and cleaning the tubes manually. But during two descaling activity, the approach temperature was always rising. And, we cannot ignore that by the way of rodding or physical cleaning you may end up damaging the tubes.

Of course, we had an option to treat Chiller internal tubes by chemicals dosage, but a keystone of Hyatt philosophy is to function with minimal environmental impact.

So, what did you do?

Chiller system is a high capital equipment and hence we were sure that we will only go for tried and tested system that is fully compatible with my chiller system.

In this regard, we had to find a non-chemical solution and after doing a comprehensive industry checks and site visits, we quickly pin down CET ENVIRO’s ACCS.

“The hotel industry speaks very high on your product and brand, and I am too finding it well”.

And how did that work out for you?

My main intension from ACCS was that it should clean up chiller internal tubes so efficiently that the approach temperature doesn’t increase at all. ACCS is a fully automatic system and the best part is that it performs cleaning action every half an hour whenever the chiller is running. ACCS is maintaining approach temperature of our chillers, in a reasonable and acceptable limit.

“This system enables proper heat exchange and we are already saving a lot of energy because of this system”

Kindly share your experience with team CET.

It has been a hassle-less experience with CET Enviro. The timelines are maintained, and the team is experienced. The ACCS product is so efficient and service team is so efficient with their regular check-ups that we did not had specific instance of calling them for any service query.

The best part is that I can use ACCS with STP water, I can get sufficiently low approach temperature, I can have energy saving and I am not doing any physical cleaning of the tubes. All these things are happening in one shot.

So I am very happy and satisfied with this product.