World’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum, and the most popular name among all kids, Perfetti Van Melle surely care about its customers, people and the environment.To reduce the impact on the environment, the company frequently implements initiatives to reduce energy and water consumption, limiting waste and atmosphere emissions from their manufacturing locations. How? Do you want to know their secret?ACCS – The Automatic Tube Cleaning System from CET Enviro is one of such initiative that the company now boasts off. 

Mr R.Ananthakrishnan, Associate Head – Engg & Projects, Perfetti Van Melle Chennai shares this secret.

“We were facing the problem of fouling in condenser tubes and were occupied to clean it very frequently. Every three-four months, we had to do the Condenser descaling leading to wastage of a lot of man-hours and unnecessary chiller shut-down”

We had opted for CET make ACCS Automatic Chiller Tube Cleaning System to reduce our maintenance hassles and to improve our chiller efficiency. ACCS was installed on 3 of our Trane make chillers in the month of July 2018 and right from starting it started giving us good results.

So, what was really the problem that the utility team was facing?

“Even after manual descaling, the approach of our condenser was going up by 3 degrees in few days.  Approach Temperature is one of the important criteria for analyzing the performance and efficiency of Water-cooled Chiller.  And it is directly proportional to Chiller performance and plant operating expenses” said Mr. Ananthakrishnan.

So, an increase in approach temperature can lead to potential loss of Chiller efficiencies and reduced performance output.

This is one of the important projects for us at Perfetti. This product will further bring us closer to our goal to reduce energy consumption.

Why ACCS from CET Enviro?
After doing a deep analysis of the market and evaluating all products exiting in the market, we had shortlisted CET Enviro for ACCS. We received a very good feedback from our other plant where ACCS is already working successfully. Looking at the product quality and after sales service, CET Enviro was an obvious choice for us!
ACCS system is a very good product that maintains the approach temperature very efficiently. Even in 90% load, it is rarely moving around 0.2-0.3 only.

Mr R.Ananthakrishnan

“The services and delivery are as per our expectation.  My engineering team is very happy and excited to experience a huge energy saving. We are expecting around INR 1.6 million worth energy savings per annum.” 

– Shared Mr R.Ananthakrishnan.


We have dedicated programs and initiatives in reduce our energy consumption and we are ACCS surely illustrates a good example. We are happy to recommend you further!