Hotel chillers undertake the task of generating cold water, anywhere between 4 – 7º Celsius. This water essentially helps the air cooling system function flawlessly, by ensuring that both public, as well as private spaces in the hotel, maintain the desired temperature. For all we know, this cooling system mimics a usual refrigerant, which initially evaporates to absorb heat, and then condenses to release the same heat. Here, the condenser ought to be cooled consistently. This task is carried out by the cold water that circulates through the system.

For what it’s worth, these chillers usually contribute to as much as 70% of the energy bills of the hotel. Given the massive expenditure as well as consumption of energy, it is only just for us to find ways to improve the energy efficiency. However, this is easier said than done, especially because of the various pollutants as well as mineral deposits caused by the water. Not only does this impact the performance of the cooling system, but also results in an uncanny rise of 20-40% in electricity waste. If not taken care of at the earliest, this build-up and scaling can result in fouling of the system only to lead to exceptionally low performance. Needless to say, this may upset the guests and mar the hotel’s reputation.

At this point, you can opt for a regular cleaning service, wherein the deposits are removed through a mechanical or chemical process. As can be guessed, this will lead to unwanted interruptions in the condenser activity.

There is, however, yet another way to ensure the system remains clean and works at its maximum capacity, without any interruptions – CET Enviro On-line Cleaning System. In this system, a group of soft sponge balls passes through Condenser internal pipes  The movement of these balls through the pipes ensures the removal of all unwanted scale and biofilms, as many as 48 times a day.

This cleaning system promises an energy saving of up to 30% while ensuring a longer life for the chiller and the compressor!  We don’t even need to tell you, that this exemplary On-line Cleaning System will prove to be a great investment, and pay for itself, within a relatively short span of time!