To own a building is one thing, to manage the expenses for its maintenance is another. In today’s times, chillers prove to be the most expensive when it comes to energy consumption. In fact, they usually account for as much as 50% of the electricity bills. However, it is believed that this consumption can be lowered significantly simply by increasing their efficiency. More than that later. For now, let us understand some basics.

How do Chillers Function?

Chillers are nothing but an extended version of a spilled unit air conditioner, which works on the principle of absorption of heat through an evaporator and releasing of the same via a condenser. The only difference here is that a chiller condenser is cooled by water, that flows to the cooling tower.

The Good

Chillers are highly preferred over conventional air-conditioners, since they help achieve the goal of maintaining the desired temperature in all types of spaces, at a significantly low cost.

The Bad

Unlike regular air-conditioners, water-cooled air-conditioning systems are susceptible to build-up caused due to various pollutants and mineral deposits. This has a negative impact on both, their performance as well as their energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, when working inefficiently, the chillers can consume a whopping 20-40% more electricity per cooling unit.

The Solution

Conventionally, service contractors used mechanical or chemical cleaning techniques to clear the cleaning system. This, however, resulted in undue interruptions in the functioning of the cooling system, which is rather impractical. Moreover, this process only ensures efficient functioning of the cooling system for a few days, after which the new build-up starts forcing it to decline gradually.

The contemporary and more efficient solution to this problem is CET Enviro On-Line Cleaning System. Working on the principle of consistent cleaning, this system ensures that the condenser tubes are cleaned day-in and day-out. The cleaning sponge balls and the technique play a pivotal role in the cleaning process. As a result of this continual cleaning process, the energy consumption per cooling unit remains as low as possible.

What makes the On-Line Cleaning System so promising is the fact, that it ensures that the chillers remain energy efficient all throughout the year, without any glitch.

Overall, this system can help achieve an increased energy efficiency of up to 30%, thus offering great value for your money! And on the upside, it offers you an unparalleled opportunity to do your bit for the conservation of the environment and its resources!