Automatic Condenser Cleaning System for Chillers


  • Zero Ball Loss 
  • Special injection technology balls that reach all tubes 
  • Balls’life span 3 times more than Normal balls 
  • Lower back pressure than conventional design 

About Condenser Tube cleaning system

COLTCS is a top performing Condenser Tube cleaning system that uses specialized sponge rubber balls injected into the Condenser system. This injection of sponge balls through the exchanger tubes prevents any builds-up of scaling and / or biofouling. After each passage, the balls are retrieved and pumped back to the Condenser inlets. COLTCS is fully automatic PLC based system.

Our customers can realize a noticeable increase in performance of power generation through increased output accompanied by savings in costs through lower fuel consumption.

This system is easy to operate and runs on a continuous basis without any of the cleaning balls escaping from the system due a well-designed customized ball Trap.

  • Sweet/fresh water to sour chemical solutions
  • Fluid temperature up to 200°C
  • No limit of fluid pressure
  • Vertical to horizontal flow alignment