Yes, we understand that this topic may seem a somewhat bizarre and even a little stretched, but it is nonetheless true. No matter what kind of real estate it is, commercial, residential or even industrial, sustainability is the buzzword in the modern-day times, and is in fact, one of the most-sought-after factors that helps tenants choose an office space. Some business owners are retailers, even consider it an unavoidable aspect, while purchasing or renting a property. And why not? After all, every business, regardless of its size wants to accomplish its social responsibility goals, and wants an added feather in its cap. Then again, who in their right mind wouldn’t want a decrease in the operating costs? Ultimately, it will only increase the profit margins!

On the flip side, there is an incredible dearth of eco-friendly or green buildings in the market, as only as little as 2% of the office buildings offer the features which a sustainable work-space is expected to offer.

One significant step towards making malls, as eco-friendly as possible, is the installation of chillers in place of air conditioners. For the uninitiated – Chillers are nothing but an extended version of a split-unit air conditioner, which works on the principle of absorption of heat through an evaporator, and releasing of the same via a condenser. The only difference here is that a chiller condenser is cooled by water that flows to the cooling tower.

Below listed are some reasons why energy efficient chillers will help attract more tenants in a mall.

Low Operating Cost

With the chillers being installed in a mall, one can easily expect a decrease in utility bills by as much as 21%. Since every business and retail shop aims to churn as much profit as possible, it will get attracted to the prospect of low operating costs.

Saves Electricity

In the present-day world, every unit of electricity saved is electricity earned. Not only does this have huge monetary benefits, but also proves to be extremely valuable when it comes to contributing towards a greener earth. With chillers coming into play, a store in the mall that would otherwise be using 1,000 units of electricity, will end up using just 7,900 units, ensuring astounding benefits of chillers.

Tenants Prefer Greener Energy

Ask any real estate agent who works closely with prospective tenants, and it will be clear that more and more tenants are now preferring energy-efficient offices and malls as against conventional ones. While tenants may not be ready to pay higher rent, but the fact remains that the tenants will readily choose such a space and the mall will get occupied at an exceptionally fast pace!